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Fine Art Prints

My photographs are made with large format view cameras using traditional black and white or color films. After the image is captured on film, the negative is scanned for digital image adjustment, and printing is done digitally using the most advanced technologies available to express my own feeling about the subject. The prints are not chemically processed, but printed directly on paper using a set of multi-level carbon pigment inks. This carbon-pigment technology yields a maximum range of smooth tonal gradation from brightest white to darkest black. The print quality is of museum archival grade with high stability to give long lasting value. The highest-grade, heavy-stock rag paper is used for all prints. Editions of each image are limited to 15 prints plus 5 artist proofs for each size.

The prints are shipped book-matted with museum mat boards. Framing can be done upon request. If you are not completely satisfied with the work you receive, please return the work immediately, and you will receive either a refund, or you can select another piece of my work in its place.

If you are interested in obtaining a print or have questions about the print, please fill out and send this e-mail designating the name of the image.

sample print