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2015 October 25-31,Gallery Goto, Ginza, Tokyo, Japan , Joint Exhibit with Wakako Miyazaki (Ceramic Art)
2015 Atelier Kasuga, Shizuoka, Japan
2014 Atelier Kasuga, Shizuoka, Japan
2013 SOHO Photo Gallery, NYC, USA
2013 Yoshidamachi Gallery, Yokohama, Japan
2012 Galllery Goto, Tokyo, Japan (Solo)
2012 Izukogen Museum, Shizuoka, Japan
2012 Atelier Kasuga, Shizuoka, Japan
2011 Ningbo Art Museum, Ningbo, China
2011 Gallery Bauhaus, Tokyo, Japan
2010 Atelier Kasuga, Shizuoka, Japan (Solo)
2009 Galllery Goto, Tokyo, Japan (Solo)
2009 Gallery Fotos, Tokyo, Japan
2009 Atelier Kasuga, Shizuoka, Japan (Solo)
2008 Gallery Bauhaus, Tokyo, Japan
2008 Atelier Kasuga, Shizuoka, Japan (Solo)
2006 Nikon Salon - Shinjyuku, Tokyo, Japan (Solo)
2006 Gallery Bauhaus, Tokyo, Japan (Solo)
2006 Nikon Salon - Osaka, Japan (Solo)
2004 Kyoto Museum of Art, Kyoto, Japan (Solo)
2004 Kyoto Museum of Art, Aichi Pref. Art Museum, Sapporo Citizens Gallery, Japan
2004 Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art, Tokyo, Japan
2004 Nikon Salon - Ginza, Tokyo, Japan (Solo)
2004 PMA2004/Cone Editions Press, Las Vegas, USA (Solo)
2004 Franklin Station Café, NYC, USA (Solo)
2004 Counter Culture Café, Santa Fe, NM, USA (Solo)
2003 Photo Americas Gallery Walk, Portland, OR, USA
2003 SOHO Photo Gallery, NYC, USA (Solo)
2002#2 SOHO Photo Gallery, NYC, USA
2002#1 SOHO Photo Gallery, NYC, USA
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